An Yá

Sound is a fundamental principle of existence, a physical force perceived through animals’ aural senses.  My creative endeavors are an expansive pursuit of emotional intimacy facilitated by sound as a heartfelt catalyst for social change.  I strive to create music and design soundscapes that are emotionally truthful and nourishing.

Playing the viola is a way for me to communicate raw emotion while being exposed–vulnerable–real.  This is what makes a performance captivating.  I think captivating, emotionally intimate performances inspire audience members to crave emotional intimacy.  The more we crave to be intimate with an emotional experience that takes us beyond our limited selves, the more likely we are to actualize life-affirming principles without even thinking about them.

I am a classically-trained musician, influenced by jazz, with a background in bioacoustics and a love for more-than-human life, all of which I try to make apparent in my music.  Through a variety of  styles and an integration of natural sounds and animals’ voices, I like to think that I create musical soundscapes–a world of aesthetic sound to get lost in.  I aim for my music to be articulate, sensuous, and emotionally meaningful.  Most importantly, I intend for all of my performances to speak to the emotional and unconscious dimensions of today’s social and ecological problems.  I dabble with the delightful, the soulful, the avant-garde, and the unexpected in my efforts to present our interdependent world as I would like for it to be–a lovingly inclusive trans-species utopia.

Consider me a musician and a philosopher.  Music is my exploration of truth and possibilities.